MY WORK :: Restored Vintage Handpainted Furniture

Upcycling translates to taking timeworn and tired things and providing it a fresh purposefulness. To a layman, basically, it’s just a paint job. But the specialists are more akin to artists, who take various components of castoff furniture and re-embody them into new arrangements.  


I love vintage furniture! After lots and lots of practice painting, sanding, waxing, distressing and buffing (all by hand) I decided to try and sell some pieces. And now, I have a small section in Design5 Studio selling restored vintage furniture with hand-painted details, and upcycling old belongings.

My target market is anyone who appreciates the time it takes to do something by hand to create a one-off. At the moment interest is high, people are thinking more about where they're shopping, about sustainability. I don’t have fixed prices for the items and it all depends on the quantity of work required to revive the piece involved.

I restore vintage pieces of furniture with hand painted details based on Indian folk arts, botanical prints and even Mughal & Rajasthani architecture. I also add decoupage to the mix which gives my designs a unique character.