I got a chance to witness an incredible new talent at the Red Earth Design Mela, 2014. They were like a breath of fresh air and bubbling with ideas & enthusiasm, not to forget oodles of talent! 

Here I am in conversation with the young, gifted and very quirky team of Banwarey.

Once upon a time…{tell us how your story begins}

Banwarey is the reflection of the passion the four of us share for art and designing in all its forms. It is an expression of the creativity and madness that we infuse into the mundane and monotonous world. Along with the love and interest for our work that threads us together, it is the individuality of each one of us that lends vibrancy and variety to our products.

Apurva's untiring nature keeps the energy levels high, whereas Shrishti is the more composed one with a keen eye for details. Shruti, though the most hyper one, makes sense of all the confusion and saves a lot of our time. And Ajay, the talkative one keeps our interest awakened by his encouraging chit-chats.
It was the interest and passion, which we shared for art and aesthetics that pushed us to give concrete shape to our creativity. Though our friendship predates our business endeavor.

We got our first opportunity when we participated in the wall painting festival held at the Tihar Jail in Delhi. Our best appreciation came when a picture of our work was published in a leading newspaper, The Delhi Times. This gave us a definite boost to give a proper shape to what had started as our common interest. The next opportunity, which came our way, was the chance to showcase our work at DIY Day held at Akshara Theatre, near CP at New Delhi. We had to prepare for this event along with preparing for our final year exams. Though at times, managing both became quite a task. It was our passion, which pushed us to make the most of the opportunity that had come our way. We used to wind up our practical exams in a hurry so that we could give more of our time to our work. It was our passion for what we had started that created a new excitement in us to try something that we had not done yet but were confident of doing well.

What inspires you, motivates you and what pulls you down?

Our biggest inspiration is the passion we share for art and creativity that can be expressed in a variety of forms. Through our work we try to explore and widen our horizons of designing in the formats of stitching, crafting, weaving, assembling and the like. 

What is design and how is it different from business? Or is it?

Designing has become synonymous with our identity. We always try to create something new from the things that exist around us. We combine our creativity with the everyday and the mundane to create something that reflects our aesthetic taste. But our experimentation is always rooted in the Indian tradition in one or the other way.

Your successes? And failures? 

Though it would be too early to boast of our success as we are still fledglings in this field, but even in this short period of time our work has been expressive of our urge to experiment without cutting off ourselves from our traditional and earthy roots. Our products have been able to attract eyeballs within the limited opportunities we have got to showcase them. But each of this opportunity has been a learning experience for us that brought us closer to our work. 

We have been able to learn the practical aspects of our field through the opportunities we got and also become aware of the shortcomings of our work. It has also encouraged us to keep improving and striving to elevate the quality of our work. But along with all the motivations that have come our way form different sectors, we also have to negotiate with the occasional setbacks that come our way. There are still a few fields in which we are inexperienced and have to learn a lot about them. 

Being an entrepreneur is like…

As we are still in the initial stages of our journey, it is quite early for us to feel or act like entrepreneurs. At this stage, we just want to experiment and create our artworks that would perfectly express our unconventional outlook regarding designing. We are also enjoying the attention that is coming our way from different quarters, especially from those who are much more experienced than us and can look at our work from a better perspective. We are also extremely excited at the prospect of learning from our seniors of this field.

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