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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i have a university diploma somewhere, for fine art and design that sparked a life long practice.  i've created projects across communication disciplines of design. 
my love for creating 'functional' design has now resulted into Design5Studio

I believe that design is is human. not virtual. because it is meant for people. design is meant for a purpose. if it does not communicate, holds no interaction, then it is not design.

sometimes i take items that others may consider to be junk and create products that i consider 'whimsical and fun.' my designed products reflect my belief that a good design touches you. tickles you. at times, hopefully, even leaves you amazed. a visually stunning graphic piece of work that arouses your senses. any of them. sometimes all of them.

i immerse myself in the details. i have a knack for what i do. i live what i do. i love what i do.

i'd like to help, get to know you and if we are a match, apply my art to your problem and /or passion. as always, i'm at your service a mere email away, ready for a commission or a simple conversation. 

drop me a line at

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