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i have a university diploma somewhere, for fine art and design that sparked a life long practice.  i've created projects across communication disciplines of design. my love for creating 'functional' design has now resulted into Design5Studio. I believe that design is is human. not virtual. because it is meant for people. design is meant for a purpose. if it does not communicate, holds no interaction, then it is not design.

i collaborate with individuals and brands to conceptualize customized solutions that will suit their & Design5 Studio’s readers & followers requirements.
some of the options are:

·      giveaways 
·      placement & promotion - on Design5 Studio’s social media channels
·      advertorials - relevant products / events / brands / services
·      product feature
·      photography - spaces / products / travel experiences
·      boutique travel reviews

Let’s talk! Drop me a line at and mention your brand and the product/service you want represented. i'd like to help, get to know you and if we are a match, apply my art to your problem and /or passion. as always, i'm at your service a mere email away, ready for a commission or a simple conversation. 

P.S : No invitation for guest articles or mass blogger campaigns pl!

Design5 Studio

Exclusively Designed & Hand Painted Decoupaged Wooden Home Decor Accessories, Wooden Bags & Clutches, Handcrafted Fashion Jewellery and Hand-painted & Upcycled Furniture Pieces.When you buy a product directly from me, you can also get an opportunity of getting a unique customized, one of a kind product, made especially for you or your loved ones!! At Design5, i love doing customized decoupaged products and always happy to work on something new and exciting. please feel free to contact me with any enquiries or comments, or just to say hello. i'd love to hear from you.

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